Monday, January 30, 2006

does innovation lead to a new »..ism«

Innovation concept goes much deeper than it seems on a surface. It challenges the inner circles of society and individuals. It has to do with our inner substance. It has to do with our talents, behavior and knowledge. And above all, it has to do with a new core values. Not that we haven't seen creative and innovative people in the past. Yet, for a society to move into innovative stage, the transformation of social platforms has to take place first. And that needs a cross functional approach. Not only the business should drive this change... they can not do it alone, or they will do it but for the sake of profit more than for prosperity…the transformation of individuals and the society needs to be also steered through schools, media, local communities, civil society, formal and non formal gatherings... when Alec, Mateja, Danilo, Mr.Kreačič, and I were talking about regional initiative on innovation we all agreed that the change of mind set and the transfer of cross-functional hands-on experiences is what we need to be working on…to get close to people, to bring innovation from speaches down to operations ... Let's go... let's just initiate everywhere we go a flow of creative thinking... let's dare to challenge the basic axioms of known platforms, systems and habits... lets look for new »..isms«... maybe, as we pointed out last night at the dinner table, is time to move from »capitalism« to »knowledgism«....from a world of technology and finance closer to a »humane» society that is based on core competences and talents and knowledge… and that’s what innovation drive is probably all about...

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