Monday, January 30, 2006

does innovation lead to a new »..ism«

Innovation concept goes much deeper than it seems on a surface. It challenges the inner circles of society and individuals. It has to do with our inner substance. It has to do with our talents, behavior and knowledge. And above all, it has to do with a new core values. Not that we haven't seen creative and innovative people in the past. Yet, for a society to move into innovative stage, the transformation of social platforms has to take place first. And that needs a cross functional approach. Not only the business should drive this change... they can not do it alone, or they will do it but for the sake of profit more than for prosperity…the transformation of individuals and the society needs to be also steered through schools, media, local communities, civil society, formal and non formal gatherings... when Alec, Mateja, Danilo, Mr.Kreačič, and I were talking about regional initiative on innovation we all agreed that the change of mind set and the transfer of cross-functional hands-on experiences is what we need to be working on…to get close to people, to bring innovation from speaches down to operations ... Let's go... let's just initiate everywhere we go a flow of creative thinking... let's dare to challenge the basic axioms of known platforms, systems and habits... lets look for new »..isms«... maybe, as we pointed out last night at the dinner table, is time to move from »capitalism« to »knowledgism«....from a world of technology and finance closer to a »humane» society that is based on core competences and talents and knowledge… and that’s what innovation drive is probably all about...

Friday, January 27, 2006

i love this country and all these inspired people

Life is really always full of surprises...A couple of weeks ago I was asked by RCL to meet with one of the local entrepreneurs for possible cooperation. We both were in a hurry, quickly exchanging our views... and I thought that was it... however, yesterday I received a mail from him and was really pleasantly surprised with the content of his message. He sent me an invitation for possible cooperation along with his action plan for 2006 where his vision and key strategic goals were clearly presented... he plans to become the best company in the region by 2007, the best in his sector in Slovenia by 2010 and globally recognized for his innovative solutions in the field of mechanics and hydraulics for general use. So cool! I love this country.. .so many unbelievable people, with so much enthusiasm and great ideas, determination and a sense for sustainability...and he was also very inspired when explaining the definition for his success in 2010: »I want to fly with my team Pipistrel, with Akrapovič exhaust pipe, drinking Movia wines in Dubai«...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

“Creative Warriors” just a bleeb or a continuation of moves

»Creative Warriors... if the name did not persuade you that there must be a strong story behind it, you should have shared the energy with us two nights ago in the Vibacom office space... 11 open-minded, enthusiastic youngsters (girls and boys), mostly students that want to be part of a global thinking networks and understand that they need to take an active role for it. They came to learn about business systems, how they behave, develop, work... about how to start their own business, what business was all about.... I was really proud on them and their innovative thinking. Ones their creativity is supported with quality and productivity, as well, they will be able to build a stable network of growth for their ideas… They represent the force this country, this region, this space really needs... I hope they are just early birds of a larger movement of active youth that knows there is room for all, as long as you take an active role...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Innovation plays a vital role in proving that evolution works for business environments, as well

I have been developing for the last few years a model that I can now prove with the idea that the evolution theory applies to business environments, as well… Specially those that seek a long term sustainable growth.
These days I use every opportunity to present the model to different focus groups, seeking responses, comments, approvals and criticism... So, the other day I was enthusiastically explaining the basic 4 stages of evolution of business ecosystems and defending the reasoning why stages could not be skipped. Suddenly, one of the entrepreneurs in the audience got up and said:« Now I know why the company I was managing last, went down the drain. I was a great promoter of innovation and quality, and we were really good at. However, I paid no attention to productivity«. I was about to kiss her...those type of comments were exactly what I was looking for... a natural reactions.... »thinking companies« (presenting in my model the 3rd stage, driven by the creativity and innovation) can not be successful on a long run on competitive markets, if they do not have under control quality (one of the key elements of the 2nd stage) and productivity (one of the key elements of the 1st stage). Therefore, any form of organization (company, local community, region) can really transform into an innovative one if it also masters productivity and quality process....

Saturday, January 7, 2006

governments and management teams in state owned companies need to be innovative, as well

Thursday evening. We just finished a discussion on the next stage of privatization of Telekom Slovenije (TS) on the national radio station (Studio ob 1700, RTV Slovenia). The government is getting ready to sell its majority stake. I was surprised how little self confidence in our own understanding of the current time, conditions and opportunities evolving from that, the government and the rest of the actors really have. Not being part of the telecom sector for a while, I was trying to offer different views and raise issues that should be accounted for when thinking about selling: why do we want to sell... the only argument presented was, that we (as a state) can not manage the company well?! Funny, the country that is an example of a success in EU, with many successful globalize companies, has no management team for TS? What kind of consequences the sell to an EU telecom operator can have? The government sees only step one effect... what about the step two… why do we search for a strategic partner only in the telecom industry, why do we consider only partners on the ownership level? TS is in a transaction business... let's be innovative and ask ourselves who can maximize development potentials of TS most, who can be really interested in knowledge and value add activities at TS after the sell? Insurance companies, banks, content providers, retailers, game and/or entertainment industry? What about strategic partnerships on a business and research level? Do we really need a strategic partner on a capital/financial level? At least the state should be able to thing within a long term concept and specially if as an owner, do not need the immediate money (as they claim), they should show interest and willingness to think in a more complex terms and be opened for more advanced business models that would allow Slovenia to continue developing the high end jobs that are able to create high value
and bring the overall social platform to a higher level... Now a days governments and management teams in state owned companies need to be innovative, as well. The easiest thing to do is to blame it on »we are bad managers« and sell the golden goose for that purpose...