Tuesday, December 26, 2006

At the end and at the beginning

My dear friends… I have not been writing for a while. Not that I have nothing to say. The opposite. So many important events, moves, breakthroughs have happened. So many great projects, reactions, after words manifestations of our yearly activities happened that they almost started a movement (which is hard to follow). And there is no real need for it either… That is the beauty of the movement… it has its own rules and is like a virus… keeps changing and transforming and at the end you do not recognise it any longer. But the core values somehow stay and that’s why is so important to put them in place at the beginning… To make a long story short: I was simply overloaded. With all the goodies, challenges, the end of the year projects…That is another characteristic of being an entrepreneur… you are limited to the limits of yourself… But there are quite some innovations coming up right at the beginning of the year… and I will step by step inform you about all of them… For the time being, allow me to wish you all a really special new year that will bring you all the right moves needed for the progress and fulfilment of your path… and since emotions, spiritual dimensions and energies are becoming more and more important even in creation of innovative societies, let me finish with the words of love of one of the poets I appreciate most:
The connection of love is total.
In love, difference disappears
And the human soul accomplishes
Its object in perfection,
Exceeding its own boundaries
And traversing the threshold of infinity.
(Rabindranath Tagore)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A school with a view at the foot of Triglav and on the shore of lake Bled

IEDC, School with a view, has celebrated 20th anniversary. A truly remarkable achievement with a profound and global reach. As Ms.Danica Purg says, the Dean and Director of IEDC, »In two decades, more than 35,500 managers from around the globe have participated in our programs and the School has significantly contributed to management development in Central and Eastern Europe.” The program was reach. A special thanks was given to the innitial supporters of the project, specially to Marko Bulc who Danica called the founding father of the school. The keynote speaker at the ceremony were Dr. Ichak Adizes, a renowned management guru and one of the world’s leading experts in change management, while the round table featured renowned professors and business people: Prof. Jean-Pierre Lehmann, professor at IMD Lausanne and founding director of the Evian Group of industrialists, Dr. Erhard Busek, Special Coordinator of the Stability Pact for SEE and former Vice Chancellor of Austria, Prof. William Fischer, IMD Lausanne, Wilfried Grommen, General Manager for Citizenship, Microsoft, EMEA, Paris, Bert Heemskerk, Chairman of the Executive Board, Rabobank the Netherlands, Hiroshi Nagata, Ex Vice President Mitsui & Co, Prof. Pedro Nueno, IESE Barcelona. All the speakers were very inspiring, yet, a simple message of Adizes will stick with me for ever. “We need trust and respect and the rest will follow”.
However, looking at the podium I could not avoid raising a question to myself «Do only man have problems with leadership…since only they were addressing this issue«… and there could be more truth to this that it seems at the beginning. We are in the era that needs new tools for leading fruitful life and Jin energy is the one helping to develop those tools. Men seem to have some troubles using the Jin energy… so, the answer could as well be” YES”. We need a balance and understanding of both Jin and Jang within every individual. We need constructive discussions to take place among men and women. Only than we can hope to seek a better balance in life and in the world overall.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another Important InJo Event

The 1. European workshop on Innovation Journalism (InJo) is over. 62 registered participant, all major Slovenian media houses present, presence of 7 countries, the network of 6 co-organizers, 15 supporters from a business sector, one full day of activities .
In addition, we were recognized as a reliable partner of VINNOVA for the organization of a Regional Conference on Innovation Journalism (June 07) as part of the preparation for the European Commission’s Minister Conference on Innovation Systems and Cluster Development in Stockholm in 2007. The conference is initiated by the EU Commission, through the PRO INNO Europe Cluster Alliance, and organized by VINNOVA, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems. The aim of the conference is to produce a common policy, development strategies and action program for cluster development and innovation systems for the EU. More about that see on www.innovationjournalism.si/InJoconference0607 .
The key note speaker of the workshop was Stanford researcher and Innovation Journalism program director David Nordfors who clearly stressed the importance of news media as an actor in the interaction between innovation and public attention within public innovation policy and research.
With this workshop Slovenia reinforced her role among the leading countries on development of progressive innovation ecosystems. The workshop proved one more time that Innovation Journalism is a new global paradigm and an important building stone for progressive business ecosystems that can ensure a sustainable long term growth. At the same time the concept needs a lot of local support in order to become a daily mind set. It needs a lot o dialog, trust, mind challenges and manifestation. It needs an open space, a decentralized environment where creativity and innovation can really get wings and roots.

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Innovation at the Yearly Managers Meeting

October 5th and 6th the Association of Managers of Slovenia had it's yearly summit with a special ceremony for the Manager of the Year Award. This year’s honor went to Mr.Colaric, President of the board of pharmaceutics company Krka. This was one of the most fruitful Fall meeting in the history of the association. Specially, the second day way attended well. And this is really good news since the topic of the second day was Innovation. Mr. Potocnik, EU Commissioner for research, H.P. Tschirky, prof. em. Of technology and Innovation management from ETH, and the round table (J.Potocnik, T.Fink, H.P.Tschirky, F.Bobinac, G.Liarokapis, S.Smuc, V.Bulc) opened several views and issues regarding the innovation process. The discussion was lively and it went towards identifying resolutions based on the best practice experiences. Probably the most important messages that came out were: EU, including Slovenia, has to continue intensively investing in innovation. But at the same time we should not neglect the importance of Mother Earth and people and creative individuals. In addition, we all agreed that we need to do everything to get innovation issues and stories on the first pages of newspapers, on the prime time. Only with a cross functional co-operation we will be able to move forward faster. Really cool event and I hope that more and more (young) managers will continue to actively participate is such important topics and willingly take actions within their realm of work.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

A new dimention

Hi! It's been a long time since my last entry. Yet so much had happened. Where to begin. The unbelievable journey to Peru is definitely the highlight of these past weeks. Specially the touch with the spiritual part of it. Not even speaking about the scenery, the ruins and the fantastic group that I had a pleasure to share the travel with. Thanks to the Landrick Lodge and Steven for this opportunity, thanks to Adriel, Gabriel, Peo, Adolfo, Sebastjan, Paulo, Rosita and the rest of the natives for their worm hospitality and willingness to share their deepest cultural treasures with us. The entire experience goes so well with the latest book of Danah Zohear and Ian Marshall: Spiritual Capital – The Wealth We Can Live By that I had a pleasure to meet in Ljubljana (thanks to Almir) and be part of the conference where she presented her school of thoughts. Spirituality is for sure one of the unexplored dimensions that leaders have not consciously addressed. Yet, it has almost unlimited treasures for better work, for a better world. Holistic economy based on spiritual capital closely connected to intellectual and financial capital is probably the best answer to this greedy neo-capitalistic option that is proven to be a dead end in development of a modern society. Ahoj.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The launch of the pilot projects on InJo

Today was another special day. The press conference on InJo projects in Slovenia (InJo reward, ILoComm, InJo workshop) connected a really constructive and engaged group of people. The dialog was launched and the InJo community gained other valuable hands on experiences. The major messages could be read in the Press Conference report. In short, we all need to learn in order to cooperate. We need to put additional efforts in setting up the infrastructure for a constructive exchange of information on innovation and innovation systems with an additional stress on relationships and innovation means. We need a tolerance for different points of view and communication techniques, jargon that comes with it. Yet, today’s group proved that it is possible to establish the initial level of trust and the openness needed for the acceptance and launch of new concepts, views. Only that can lead to understanding of the true implications and meanings of innovation and innovation systems. Academia, business, the state agency, drivers for the growth of local community and media were able to develop the initial ground and common understanding needed for the sustainable development of innovation ecosystem. I am sure, we'll all try to do our best to gain over and over again new experiences and perspectives for effective value creation. These 3 projects will give us a perfect ground for the manifestation of our views and concepts. It is just so rewarding to be part of such a project. Thanks to the team, especially to RCL who's organization of the event was perfect.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

to be able to believe in what we see

Ouu, what a concert. I went to see it without real expectations and it touched me deeply. What a performance. The violinist Julian Rachlin was really good at the interpretation of Mozart. But we know that. However, the way he integrated his guest violinist Lidia Baich and the entire Lithuanian orchestra was a school case of a successful management. The body language, the energy in the air, the liveliness of his eyes, the enthusiasm, team work, … the leadership at its best; true innovation in happening, right there, in front of us… I wish more managers, leaders were present… that is where you can really feel the inspiring leadership and understand why every project, concert, company, team is a being itself, with its own charisma. At the moments like this you understand that the innovations are happening all around us… probably it is time that we make some efforts to be able to believe in what we see (instead just seeing what we believe in).

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Ego drive and the advanced societies

Its summer time… it seems that everything took a vacation paste. On a surface. In real, at least in Slovenia, reshaping is going on all levels. We finally see the true face of our government, the politics, stories and cases of expected practices came out. Always the same story. You are either with us or against us. The people? Who are the people? Well, innovation concepts and the pressure for manifestation and results might change a course of action at least a little bit. Innovation at its best is happening in the globally positioned corporate environments, on local levels, where they fight to create new jobs and opportunities for decent life style… And there is where I see the people... on the front lines… will they become the victims of the innovation front? Could the need for innovation change the shape, dynamics and the development of communities, leadership… I surly hope so. It is just so wonderful seeing people at their best, in the thinking process, on the search for something new… Any good idea how to keep politicians happy in their drive for ego fulfillment and at the same time continue the process of decentralization and the core competence development of individual, groups, societies?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Slovenian Forum for Innovation

Another push has been made in Slovenia to bring a broader awareness to the public regarding the impact of innovation – the Slovenian Forum for Innovation. The invitation is appealing; however, if you try to access the page a password is needed, with no instructions how to obtain it…. The first step is not encouraging, however, I hope that this is just a beginner’s mistake and has nothing to do with the concept itself… Innovation if nothing else needs an open space for the exchange of ideas and experiences … for the good of ourselves and the world as a whole… we need to learn that being innovative is the sign that we finally are using our (human) potentials…so, we should understand that more we share more we learn… At the same time the project created a competition to the existing system for Innovation Awards within Chamber of Commerce that has been growing in its popularity for the last 5 years … since competition usually brings quality improvement let’s hope that this is the case here, as well.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

InJo and innovative local communities

A great news. Center for the development of Litija (RCL) has been awarded the first round of funds for the project »City of Innovation«. One of the primary tools in the first phase of the project will be the Innovation Journalism (InJo). We are proud to be the initiator of the idea and the member of the project team.
In order to ensure the development of innovative local communities a proactive social capital needs to be developed. Innovation needs .... form more www.vibacom.si/violeta

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Something has changed in the land of Kekec and Pehta

An important change towards the innovation has been made in Slovenia… at the re>cent »Rewards for Innovation Achievements 2006« event at the Chamber of Commerce.... the president of the evaluation group announced that they no longer evaluate only the invention itself but the entire innovation process: the analysis and the development stage, the implementation stage and the marketing stage. That is the way to go… they started rewarding the results not only predictions and believes that the authors of the invention had… the rewards for innovation seek marker approval, as well …I hope other institutions and the business sector will follow this journey of in-depth understanding of a true value of innovation and innovation processes.. only than we could start managing them successfully….

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The “bing bang” vs “step by step”

Monday was an interesting day… TIA (Technological Agency of Slovenia) organized a brainstorming session on its future development… Some really cool issues and dilemmas were brought to light… one of them being about a role and the dynamic of development of TIA. There were 2 major thoughts on the table: »a big bang« approach with the government just putting a large sums of money into it and let it lead the technological development of Slovenia or a »step by step« approach that would allow people in charge to grow along with the project. I believe that the second one is a better one. I see TIAs mission at first in bringing different players on technological development together and let them create new value add, motivate them to go even further… for such activities you do not need large sums of money. However, it is true that you need a visionary picture and lots of will…. TIA could play a really important role as a promoter of innovation culture, a source of efficient development tools and best practices…TIA could be an excellent coordinator, motivator, the one that can push things thru… there is room for innovation in how to develop and lead such an organization in an environment as Slovenia is…

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My new book is out

You can order my new book (standard hard copy, e-book and vocal book) by following the link below. Currently it's available only in Slovene.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

new interesting links

Mark had just sent quite an interesting list of links... somebody else might find it useful, as well:
- creativity and innovation development in business schools
- putting people first
- innovation through people-centred design - lessons from the USA

my rythems of the life of innovation

The last few months have been the most exciting business period in my life… I feel like I have been living in world of innovation … I have been writing about innovation, making innovative products, developing innovative processes, stimulating new partnerships, trying to add a little piece to creation of innovation society… well the results are here and they are quite exciting …the project »book as a self being« is developing daily (along with the printed, audio and e-versions)… Apple just gave us a little support there… I hope to strengthen the cooperation and get down to some marketable results shortly… InJo took off in Slovenia…I was appointed to the advisory board at Stanford University for the Innovation Journalism program, and on the top of it… I just learned that we have won the prestigious professional reward for the best consulting project of the year in Slovenia, called the Feniks reward, the second time in the last 3 years. We are so proud on our customer Steklarna Hrastnik – Opal Ltd., that with a strong collective consciousness managed to penetrate a very difficult European market and made it to the top. Two years of a hard work of restructuring and change management on all levels and all sub-systems delivered results and we together won the Feniks … innovation really makes sense.. it drives the value add creation and empowers people… it is so much fun to be part of it…

Sunday, May 7, 2006

A book release could be an innovation process, as well

This is so cool. Due to some specific circumstances my first book became an open space project where so many inspired and creative people had found an opportunity to manifest their views, energy and ideas… the book “Ritmi poslovne evolucije” (Rhythms of Business Evolution) will use its wings for the first time on June 8th 2006 in Ljubljana. We will use different technologies and approaches to launch the content and the main message (“… even in business the evolution principles apply and knowing their elements can make long term sustainable growth a logical and inspiring journey”): standard hard copy book, e-book, vocal (CD) book, active portal with innovative modules called “interactive windows”, an event called “a dialog with a book” with a presence of strong public opinion makers, … all at the same time. Our market segmentation has shown that at this point the customer segments for different forms of the same content have hardly any interference… in other words, different channels will not still customers from each other… in spite of the fact that they might be the same customer in different groups, yet, the purpose for the use of the channel will be different…an exciting project… I’ll keep you posted under this entry… those interested in are welcome to join the discussion…

An individual matters

Innovation society will not just happened. We need to get involved. I will try my best to contribute a little piece to it… I hope more people will start their own actions within their reach. As a consequence of the recently launched conference on innovation journalism we have started 2 projects: “reward for the best media contribution on innovation in Slovenia” managed by Dušan Snoj and “the city of innovation” managed by myself… I am getting more and more convinced that no matter what type of public policies there are in place, the speed of the development of innovation society is defined by the development of the critical mass of individuals that are in its core…So, an individual matters… his/her progress of internal transformation and the level of manifestation of his/her creativity is what gives the innovation concept strong wings…

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A few hours after the conference

The conference is over and I can not thank enough to all the participants for all the efforts and the great energy that they helped to create in the room. Some hot issues were raised, provocative lines placed on the table and even the first suggestions for the possible solutions provided…the dialog was productive and constructive… I believe that the purpose of the conference was achieved. There were the right people in the room, those that can make a difference, those that care. The administrative procedures stopped us from signing the letter of intent officially, even though It was finalized between TIA and Stanford in the morning… I know that it will be completed in the next few days… so, as Sonja pointed out today, it is an individual turn to act on his/her best possible way… innovation, innovation systems, innovation society are the true visions that need a support from all of us… at the end, the innovation is the only real driver for value add creation and as such the source for the future development, growth and prosperity… Thanks to David, the director of the Innovation Journalism program at Stanford and Jan from VINNOVA… your presence added excellent sparkles… we proved one more time the importance of the networks and the value of the global perspective…

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


It happened. The message came and I followed…. That was pretty much how this great event on the 20.4.05 at FDV came about. The innovation Journalism concept and its mission vibrate really well with my views and believes. I believe in dialog and cooperation. Even on a level of a country that is the only way to progressively move forward. So, can media really respond? Will they have enough patience to develop the customer base for more in depth articles? It is definitely worth trying. In the next social cycle innovation as the primary force for value add creation will be replaced with something else, yet, in order to be widely accepted will need a support of media again. How can businesses and academia and the state contribute to that and avoid at the same time the “PR” connotation? How can journalists separate what has a true socio-economical impact and what is a promotion? We might want to look for an answer in business practice. Constant dialog, cooperation, presence, critical exchange of information, visions, and results are the moves that create the collective consciousness in corporate environments. Are we seeing the media sector getting more interconnected, interrelated? Will they blend in more? Could there be a need for a continues training and education for journalists, as well… not only on the spot but also formally on a long run… Are the programs that Finish, Swedish and Stanford University introduced the right way to go? The preliminary results are confirming the need for a strategic orientation. Will Slovenia follow? Let's see what kind of answers the conference will offer… the innovation age is surely exciting one and it has just started…. To follow the progress of the conference live, tune in to the conference blog V.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Small can sometimes be also an advantage

When establishing national platforms living in a small country could finally be an advantage… small countries are a great lab for testing out new models … when you get people interested in a topic you can really get all levels of society to cooperate… not that it is a piece of cake to get the movement rolling, yet, there is less levels and the networks are smaller… challenges.. many.. one of them »how to keep the movements going«, since the critical mass of people is small every person counts… and there is so many interesting projects…however, innovations is such a strong driver of change, prosperity and growth….I hope that at least for a while will be the connecting topic… as long as we can keep the honest and clear energies going… V.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Stanford after Stanford

Ok… this is a challenge… keeping the blogs up-to date… specially when blogs are not my primary channel of communication… however, at the conference, among other things, I have been convinced, that blogs and podcasts will be playing an important role not only in the hackers world but in business communities, as well. The conference was cool, it opened the core challenges of innovation societies and it stressed one more time two important relationships for the future of innovation as a global driver of growth and prosperity: relationship between media and academia and relationship between media and businesses. We all need to learn how to talk to each other, how to cooperate. Sweden, Finland, Silicon Valley are not by coincidence the drivers of global change. Probably the strongest differentiation factor is the networks that they have… their way of cross functional cooperation. David just proved it one more time to all of us attending the event… the networks really count…Can we make a progress in that field… I know we can… we actually should, since that is the most powerful elevation for innovation… and innovation is the best polygon for maximization of human capital, creativity and self being… the best ticket for successful global positioning.

Violeta & David

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Monolog is out dialog is in…

I can not believe how fast these days are flying… I am getting ready for the Stanford's conference on Innovation Journalism, getting my first book out, trying to keep up with the two new projects that we just have launched… and of course trying to get done the work that pays the bills … meanwhile, also take care of my family and have some personal life, as well… quite a challenge… yet lot's of fun… However, the latest letter that was forwarded to me by my colleague Edita, got me in motion to add a new entry to the blog… the letter came from Bob Garfield, the famous critic of the advertising of today… his words speak for themself…«There is a revolution afoot. It is at your door. And, whether you like it or not, that door is soon coming down. The world's of media and marketing are quickly turning upside down -- literally, in the sense that the Internet is transforming the power and control from the medium and the marketer to the consumer.

The consumer chooses what content to view (or hear) when and where he wishes. The consumer controls which advertising messages to accept, which to skip over and, sometimes, which to pass along to friends. The economic model that has supported television, radio, magazines and newspapers is collapsing of its own weight. f you try to barricade the door -- for instance, by endlessly debating the agency-client relationship and the merits of daring creative product -- the roof will come down on you. What you should be discussing is how marketers can have conversations with consumers -- not monologues, but conversations« the monolog and broadcasting have been replaced by dialogs… can we adjust to that quickly enough…..

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Language barrier is still an issue

It is really funny what a strong barrier the language could still be… a good example is this blog that can not attract many comments; however, it is well visited by numerous fellows. Visitors are primarily locals, since blog is promoted only domestically. Yet it seems that the fact that the blog is in English, visitors read but do not write. So, how can we expect to confidently participate in the global discussions if we are afraid of making mistakes, even in spelling? (Of course this is written under the impression that the comments on the blog are interesting enough that they are worth commenting on)… the new translation tools might have a much larger market than it appeared at the beginning… so would such a tool mean on the long run the end of the need for universal language? For creative and innovative (global) societies the thoughts need to flow (like it is/was the case for the money) and the common platform is certainly needed either in a form of a common language or common IT tool to provide the same service….

Thursday, March 2, 2006

For innovative society we need to get on the groun level and media can play there a vitial role

So, what kind of role the media can play in the overall innovation matter… it seems the role is larger than it appears at the beginning… media is vital in the creation of innovation as a value of the society, on the local, sate or regional level…. media can create a common understanding of what innovation really is and how can it help bringing the standard of living to a higher level… we had a discussion on a radio show the other day and the message was clear: in order to really use all the benefits of innovation concept all parts and levels of a society need to get actively involved, media as well… similar message was passed at the roundtable on Innovation Journalism at the TIA’s »Festival on Innovation«. Yet, the obstacles on the »ground« level are quite basic, and not systematically dealt with. That was well formulated at the workshop at the Chamber of Commerce of Ljubljana Region, where issues as »general public has not recognized and acknowledged innovation as an important and useful tool«, »people are confused about the definition of innovation«, »innovators are considered »strange««, »government is not taking innovative solutions seriously« etc. … all this examples are leading us back to the initial statement – media can play a major role in setting up the right atmosphere for innovation society and speed up the process for innovation to becom »business as usual«, and the right attitude »in action« from the government can be of a great help, as well….

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Innovative leadership

Days have been flying by...and if it wasn't for the dates I would not believe how long ago the last entry was... however all this days have been filled with issues on innovation... Slovenia has woken up... innovation for sure has become one of the most frequently used words... in media, in speeches on daily business meetings... so, it is time to start openly speaking about innovative leadership and management of innovation processes... I believe this will be the critical point for moving from words to actions... more complex, advanced, global we become more value a good leadership has... and how can you lead the innovation age if you are not innovative yourself...so, how can we learn, where can we learn from about innovative leadership... not too many books have been out there addressing this topic...so, blogs might be the best source to start collecting leadership experiences and sharing the new visions... Personally I believe that the future is in networks, I dare to challenge a step further and say that as leaders we need to start training ourselves for holistic understanding of the world and for a management of individual holistic nodes (humans) in loose spider net organizational structures...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

we can learn a lot from a butterfly

Just recently I have read Sue Monk Kidd's book, »When The Heart Waits«. Many messages from this book made deep influence on my state of mind. Particularly one of them. The story of a butterfly. Butterfly was for a long time for me a romantic connection with my childhood. Yet, latest deep understand of messages that the butterfly is bringing to all of us, especially to the business world, made me think about nature from quite a different perspective. Butterflies are telling us a story how dramatic changes in our lives are sometimes necessary for our development and growth. They are telling us that each phase in our lives has a special meaning. So, it is not wise to try to skip them. Even though they sometimes appear to be unrelated they are in fact deeply down, part of a whole. Lava and cocoon are visually two different beings, yet, in fact they belong to a transformation process of the same organism. Even more they are just phases on a way to a butterfly that does not resemble any similarity with any of its pre-forms. Yet, without lava and cocoon there would be no butterfly. The same in life, same in business... nature is really a master of innovation and if we look and listen carefully we can learn from her a lot.....

Monday, February 6, 2006

..just a thought

... while I was skiing with my family on the sunny slopes of Italian Dolomites, a thought occurred to me: “Innovation is really just one of the physical manifestations of creativity, design could be another, and more…”... therefore, in order to ensure an innovative society (which is probably just a transition stage towards a »self sustained« one), we need to systematically tackle the creativity issue... in schools and kinder gardens first, than at work, and in everyday social life, as well... since the acknowledgment of creativity is directly related to our respect towards human being and nature overall, the innovation society could be a larger challenge that it appeared at the beginning .... as I said, just a thought, but definitely worth exploring further...at least for me...

Monday, January 30, 2006

does innovation lead to a new »..ism«

Innovation concept goes much deeper than it seems on a surface. It challenges the inner circles of society and individuals. It has to do with our inner substance. It has to do with our talents, behavior and knowledge. And above all, it has to do with a new core values. Not that we haven't seen creative and innovative people in the past. Yet, for a society to move into innovative stage, the transformation of social platforms has to take place first. And that needs a cross functional approach. Not only the business should drive this change... they can not do it alone, or they will do it but for the sake of profit more than for prosperity…the transformation of individuals and the society needs to be also steered through schools, media, local communities, civil society, formal and non formal gatherings... when Alec, Mateja, Danilo, Mr.Kreačič, and I were talking about regional initiative on innovation we all agreed that the change of mind set and the transfer of cross-functional hands-on experiences is what we need to be working on…to get close to people, to bring innovation from speaches down to operations ... Let's go... let's just initiate everywhere we go a flow of creative thinking... let's dare to challenge the basic axioms of known platforms, systems and habits... lets look for new »..isms«... maybe, as we pointed out last night at the dinner table, is time to move from »capitalism« to »knowledgism«....from a world of technology and finance closer to a »humane» society that is based on core competences and talents and knowledge… and that’s what innovation drive is probably all about...

Friday, January 27, 2006

i love this country and all these inspired people

Life is really always full of surprises...A couple of weeks ago I was asked by RCL to meet with one of the local entrepreneurs for possible cooperation. We both were in a hurry, quickly exchanging our views... and I thought that was it... however, yesterday I received a mail from him and was really pleasantly surprised with the content of his message. He sent me an invitation for possible cooperation along with his action plan for 2006 where his vision and key strategic goals were clearly presented... he plans to become the best company in the region by 2007, the best in his sector in Slovenia by 2010 and globally recognized for his innovative solutions in the field of mechanics and hydraulics for general use. So cool! I love this country.. .so many unbelievable people, with so much enthusiasm and great ideas, determination and a sense for sustainability...and he was also very inspired when explaining the definition for his success in 2010: »I want to fly with my team Pipistrel, with Akrapovič exhaust pipe, drinking Movia wines in Dubai«...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

“Creative Warriors” just a bleeb or a continuation of moves

»Creative Warriors... if the name did not persuade you that there must be a strong story behind it, you should have shared the energy with us two nights ago in the Vibacom office space... 11 open-minded, enthusiastic youngsters (girls and boys), mostly students that want to be part of a global thinking networks and understand that they need to take an active role for it. They came to learn about business systems, how they behave, develop, work... about how to start their own business, what business was all about.... I was really proud on them and their innovative thinking. Ones their creativity is supported with quality and productivity, as well, they will be able to build a stable network of growth for their ideas… They represent the force this country, this region, this space really needs... I hope they are just early birds of a larger movement of active youth that knows there is room for all, as long as you take an active role...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Innovation plays a vital role in proving that evolution works for business environments, as well

I have been developing for the last few years a model that I can now prove with the idea that the evolution theory applies to business environments, as well… Specially those that seek a long term sustainable growth.
These days I use every opportunity to present the model to different focus groups, seeking responses, comments, approvals and criticism... So, the other day I was enthusiastically explaining the basic 4 stages of evolution of business ecosystems and defending the reasoning why stages could not be skipped. Suddenly, one of the entrepreneurs in the audience got up and said:« Now I know why the company I was managing last, went down the drain. I was a great promoter of innovation and quality, and we were really good at. However, I paid no attention to productivity«. I was about to kiss her...those type of comments were exactly what I was looking for... a natural reactions.... »thinking companies« (presenting in my model the 3rd stage, driven by the creativity and innovation) can not be successful on a long run on competitive markets, if they do not have under control quality (one of the key elements of the 2nd stage) and productivity (one of the key elements of the 1st stage). Therefore, any form of organization (company, local community, region) can really transform into an innovative one if it also masters productivity and quality process....

Saturday, January 7, 2006

governments and management teams in state owned companies need to be innovative, as well

Thursday evening. We just finished a discussion on the next stage of privatization of Telekom Slovenije (TS) on the national radio station (Studio ob 1700, RTV Slovenia). The government is getting ready to sell its majority stake. I was surprised how little self confidence in our own understanding of the current time, conditions and opportunities evolving from that, the government and the rest of the actors really have. Not being part of the telecom sector for a while, I was trying to offer different views and raise issues that should be accounted for when thinking about selling: why do we want to sell... the only argument presented was, that we (as a state) can not manage the company well?! Funny, the country that is an example of a success in EU, with many successful globalize companies, has no management team for TS? What kind of consequences the sell to an EU telecom operator can have? The government sees only step one effect... what about the step two… why do we search for a strategic partner only in the telecom industry, why do we consider only partners on the ownership level? TS is in a transaction business... let's be innovative and ask ourselves who can maximize development potentials of TS most, who can be really interested in knowledge and value add activities at TS after the sell? Insurance companies, banks, content providers, retailers, game and/or entertainment industry? What about strategic partnerships on a business and research level? Do we really need a strategic partner on a capital/financial level? At least the state should be able to thing within a long term concept and specially if as an owner, do not need the immediate money (as they claim), they should show interest and willingness to think in a more complex terms and be opened for more advanced business models that would allow Slovenia to continue developing the high end jobs that are able to create high value
and bring the overall social platform to a higher level... Now a days governments and management teams in state owned companies need to be innovative, as well. The easiest thing to do is to blame it on »we are bad managers« and sell the golden goose for that purpose...