Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Product vs process

Yesterday I contributed my views to the conference (part of Interreg IIIC) on "Systematic approach to new product development". Quite a new crowd for me (Ĺ˝iga did a really good job), and after a longer time more discussions on technical aspects of innovations ... surprisingly, out of 7 presentations 2 were on design, super, at the end it is the design that makes a difference while the innovation culture sets the foundation for successful companies (as Zmago pointed out). Yet, the point I was trying to add was, that a product, service, solution is just a result of an innovative process, is just a food we keep feeding the business relationships with … to keep our customer segments alive, healthy, firm.... therefore, to make a good product, you first need to build strong relationships and understand the behavior and the nature of them, than you can generate successful products, as well...

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