Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Networks of deversity and EU

These a are some of the insides from my comments on EU i2010 strategic documents “…I would like to point out one more time that the networking as a concept and consequently "networks of diversity" should remain our core focus while searching for a successful EU models ... Therefore, we should not overlook the historic role Europe has been playing in the development of mobile communication industry... and I think we should keep it as a strategic field for cross sector development and also R&D,... and just lately I’ve become quite an advocate of European school of thought, specially in management... I would stress that EU has a unique opportunity to start developing new business models that would include a sustainable overall social and business development towards a cohesion and prosperity of our ecosystem as a whole... Therefore, I suggest to include management and leadership or business development as one of the strategic segments for future prosperity of Europe (that would include development of social innovation, relationship innovation, business innovation, HRM, business models, new forms of corporate cooperation, etc.)”….

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