Sunday, December 4, 2005

Even in cozy environments innovation is a hot topic

The weekend was just gorgeous... The beautiful Logarska Valley proved one more time to be one of the best positive energy places in the world. Family Plesnik opened their friendly hotel for friends and business partners and it was worth driving in a heavy rain and fog to join them... Tereza Kesovija just added additional sparkles to the overall charm... yet, even there we got engaged in conversation about innovation and the magic of get it rolling in corporate environments... and the message: innovation has much to do with strategic thinking and you definitely need a critical mass of people that are consciously emphasizing it over and over again... it is all in the critical mass... a colleague Janez from Halcom also added an important comment »... but without somebody who takes the innovation as a personal project and pushes it strongly throughout the company, there will be no result« ... as always, to win you need a good team with great leaders.

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