Saturday, December 17, 2005

EU i2010 Action Plan

It's late at night. I just came back from Brussels from the closing session of the I and II Advisory Chamber to EU Commission on eEurope. Besides eAuthentification topic presented by the II Chamber (it caught quite some attention from the I Chamber) and Commission initiatives on the territorial digital divide and the role of structural funds, the main topic of the meeting was presentation and discussion on the recommendations of the II Chamber on the implementation of i2010. The content offered in depth views and recommendations built around six-point strategy of the II Chamber on how to ensure the innovation and investments in ICT to be successfully implemented in the i2010 Action plan.
At one point in January this will be an official paper available on eEurope web pages. However, I would like to stress, that in order to really make SMEs as a core building block of the Future EU and to ensure a vivid role that they are meant to play in the field of R&D, some substantial changes in conceptual thinking should be made. Europe needs new business and social models (B&SM) that could really push towards more entrepreneurial and innovative society. Yet, I am convinced that we should not just automatically copy US models for that purpose (for example Venture Funds). We have different values, core competences, ways of communication, different social capital. Therefore, we should integrate those in our own B&SM.
Second major obstacles in more active and structured role of SMEs in EU are administration procedures and the life cycles of project acceptance.
We should seriously address both of these issues … not only on philosophical level, but also via operational strategies and action plans....

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