Sunday, December 25, 2005

Businesses might really have a new model for growth

It was one of those evenings you wouldn't want to forget... you probably know the feeling when suddenly things make sense... that was how I felt when we (the Vibacom team) had the »end of the year« gathering with all our business partners… with those we had been developing the business models together for the last few years... it was for the first time that we were all together, that they all met: Andrej, Živa, Bogo, Mojca, Barbara, David, Siniša, Ladea, Miha, Marko, Rok, Edita, as well as Jožica, Polona, Darko, Estera and Urban, who were with us only in our thoughts, being engaged with prior arrangements ... and when I started explaining the concept of our possible long term cooperation it all made real sense... I understood what I was reading about in several books in the last 2 years... sustainable growth of business ecosystems is also possible based on knowledge and innovation networking, based on intellectual capital... I should not say that everybody jumped in with a great enthusiasm immediately, but the clear idea and the core model went on air and step by step it will find its manifestation in practice... I see it…we are doing it (unaware at this moment), yet, organized in the future…and the word »trust« got a new powerful meaning in business ecosystems....have great holidays and let the magic of moments inspire you and move you closer to the mission of your life...

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